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Your Resource for All Things Oral Health

At Brewer Family Dental, we believe knowledge is power, so we place a strong emphasis on patient education. The more you know, the more power you have to make good decisions for your oral and overall health. Most folks don't know just how much the two are related! Follow along on our blog for bi-monthly articles, fun facts, tips and tricks for keeping your smile healthy and beautiful for life.

Posted December 13, 2023 / Blog, Patient Care
Dr. Kevin Brewer

Mail-Order Braces: Buyer Beware

Mail-order braces are a controversial dental topic, and Brewer Family Dental weighs in today. Direct-to-consumer orthodontics companies make many appealing promises—no dental visits, aligners delivered to your door, and lower costs. But are the risks worth it?  Not according to this consumer alert from the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO). As of November 2017, the […]

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Posted November 27, 2023 / Blog, Patient Care
Dr. Kevin Brewer

What Did My Dentist Just Say?

At Brewer Family Dental, education is paramount in our mission to help our Lexington friends and neighbors improve and maintain their oral health. For this reason, we try to avoid using dental jargon when we’re speaking with our valued patient family.  However, there are terms that can’t be broken down as easily; in those cases, […]

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Posted November 13, 2023 / Blog, Dental Technology
Dr. Kevin Brewer

Zirconia Crowns for Kids

Zirconia has been used in major medical procedures like hip replacement for many years due to its strength and biocompatibility. It took the dental industry until the early 2000s to catch up, beginning with adult dental procedures such as dental implants, root canals and dental crowns. In 2010, zirconia became available for use in pediatric […]

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Posted October 27, 2023 / Blog, Dental Services, Patient Care
Dr. Kevin Brewer

Should I Let My Teen Whiten Their Teeth?

Do you remember feeling like standards of beauty were unattainable when you were a teenager? Heck, many of us feel this way as adults! It makes sense that teenagers might be concerned with the appearance of their smile and pine for bright white smiles the same way adults do because they’re often exposed to the […]

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Posted October 13, 2023 / Blog, Dental Services, Patient Care
Dr. Kevin Brewer

Time & Orthodontics Can Silence Bullies

According to a recent study published in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, teeth were the #1 feature that increased a child’s chances of being bullied. A person’s smile and teeth are often the first things people notice, and kids are no exception. Dr. Kevin Brewer at Brewer Family Dental would like to […]

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Posted September 27, 2023 / Blog, Dental Health, Dental Technology
Dr. Kevin Brewer

Life Hacks: One Simple Way to Protect Your Child’s Smile

Did you know that sports-related injuries are the leading cause of emergency room visits for children and teenagers between the ages of 12-17? For children between the ages of 5-14, recreational activities (e.g., riding a bike) account for an estimated 3.2 million emergency room visits.  With statistics like these, it’s no wonder parents want to […]

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Posted August 28, 2023 / Blog, Patient Care
Dr. Kevin Brewer

Strategies for Teasing: Helping Kids Feel Better About Their Smile

Every kid feels uncomfortable in social situations sometimes, especially when they feel they “look different”—and studies show the #1 reason kids are bullied for their appearance is the way their teeth look. Bullies sense this discomfort and annoy, anger, and confuse kids who already feel vulnerable—and if the child being teased is openly reactive, the […]

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Posted August 14, 2023 / Blog, Patient Care
Dr. Kevin Brewer

Teens & Prescription Opioid Use

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at least 40 Americans die from prescription opioid overdoses daily. As the opioid crisis grows, so does our expanded public knowledge—such as the realization that addiction to this family of drugs often begins with an innocent prescription. Many teens first experience opioids when a dentist […]

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Posted July 27, 2023 / Blog, Dental Health, Patient Care
Dr. Kevin Brewer

Can My Child Skip Visits to the Dentist?

You may think of our team at Brewer Family Dental as part of your child’s defensive line keeping them safe from gum disease and tooth decay, but we’re also myth-busters! You’ve probably heard one of the most common misconceptions we have to challenge: dentistry isn’t important until after children lose their baby teeth.  The truth […]

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