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Your Resource for All Things Oral Health

At Brewer Family Dental, we believe knowledge is power, so we place a strong emphasis on patient education. The more you know, the more power you have to make good decisions for your oral and overall health. Most folks don't know just how much the two are related! Follow along on our blog for bi-monthly articles, fun facts, tips and tricks for keeping your smile healthy and beautiful for life.

Posted July 13, 2024 / Blog, Patient Care
Dr. Kevin Brewer

This Film Can Wreak Havoc on Your Child’s Smile

We’re not talking about a movie, but a hardened substance on your child’s teeth called tartar or calculus—another slightly confusing term, right? No math equations here, except maybe Plaque + Time = Tartar.   That’s right, tartar begins as plaque, which is the accumulation of tiny food particles and bacteria. Our mouths are home to upwards […]

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Posted June 27, 2024 / Blog, Patient Care
Dr. Kevin Brewer

Is My Child’s Loose Tooth Causing Them Pain?

If you’re a parent or you’re lucky enough to work with infants and toddlers, you know that teething is not the most fun phase they’ll go through. Teeth having to push their way through gum tissue sounds rough, so it’s no surprise that as it happens, your little one will likely be sensitive and in […]

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Posted May 27, 2024 / Blog, Patient Care
Dr. Kevin Brewer

Sports Drinks & Energy Drinks: Proceed with Caution

Dr. Brewer at Brewer Family Dental wants to make sure our patients know all about healthy hydration. Most people already know that soda and juice aren’t great for teeth, but now the American Academy of Pediatrics is cautioning parents and caregivers that sports and energy drinks have similar negative effects. Sports drinks are intended to […]

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Posted May 13, 2024 / Blog, Patient Care
Dr. Kevin Brewer

Help! My Child is Terrified of the Dentist

If you’re the parent of a young child, you know their brains are similar to sponges that soak up everything around them—especially in their first five years, which neuroscientists say is when they’ll do the most learning and developing in their entire life.  At this formative time, your child may amaze you with what they […]

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Posted April 13, 2024 / Blog, Patient Care
Dr. Kevin Brewer

Take it Easy After Tooth Extraction

At Brewer Family Dental, we’re here to help you as you teach your little ones how to care for their growing and changing smiles. Sometimes our combined efforts will prevent them from needing dental treatment beyond cleanings, fluoride treatments, and sealants, but other times we might recommend extraction to get them back on track for […]

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Posted March 27, 2024 / Blog, Dental Health, Patient Care
Dr. Kevin Brewer

Signs Your Child May Have a Dental Problem

Examining your child’s mouth isn’t easy! Their bone structure is still developing, and they might have difficulty opening wide—if they don’t, you’ll probably need a flashlight and a dental mirror for examination.  Your Lexington dentist, Dr. Kevin Brewer is equipped with a comfortable dental chair for them to lean back in, an illuminating overhead light, […]

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Posted February 27, 2024 / Blog, Patient Care
Dr. Kevin Brewer

Questions to Ask at a Back-to-School Dental Visit

Some schools require a back-to-school dental visit, but even if yours doesn’t, right before school starts is a good time to schedule one of your child’s regular checkups. Brewer Family Dental can take care of any problems so your child won’t have to miss class after school starts, and if oral hygiene routines got a […]

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Posted February 13, 2024 / Blog, Dental Services
Dr. Kevin Brewer

A Deeper Dental Cleaning: Scaling & Root Planing

Teeth are typically the first thing that comes to mind for people when they hear the words dentist or dentistry, which makes sense—the root word dent actually means tooth! However, your teeth require healthy gums to hold them in place.  Did you know gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss? That’s why […]

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